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PH x Acme Whistles

The archives house more than 40 patented designs developed over the company’s illustrious history. With specific designs for the Police, train guards, scouts, shephards, bird callers, hunters, people hailing a taxi and for us, most notably referees.

Acme Workers

1884 saw Hudson’s Acme company launch the first whistle aimed at sporting referees, the ACME Thunderer. Before it’s release, referees would shout their instructions to the players across the pitch. With the power and precision of the new whistle, it quickly established itself as the referee’s weapon of choice. Since inception the Thunderer has been used everywhere from Sunday league to the World Cup.

Bespoke ACME Thunderer N68 for Peaceful Hooligan

In 1966 a swiss referee, by the name of Gottfried Dienst, used the ACME Thunderer N58 model following the famous words ‘they think it’s all over’ to signal the end of the World Cup Final between England and West Germany. This sporting heritage and that specific whistle were the basis of this season’s collaboration project between Peaceful Hooligan and The ACME Whistle Company.

PH x AW - Thunderer N58

The limited edition collaborative series of 4 illustrated t-shirts are inspired by Acme’s extensive archives and sporting heritage, referencing vintage advertising, catalogue artwork and 1960s branding. Together with the t-shirt, which is hand screen printed in England, the pack includes a bespoke dual branded replica of the 1966 ACME Thunderer N58 whistle and a presentation drawstring bag. 

Printed in England

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